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My life so far [Mar. 24th, 2010|11:30 am]
This will be a brief synopsis of the rollercoaster of a ride that is my from my last real post on this site until today.

2005 was my last post if I'm correct, alot can and has happend in 5 years. were I left off I had just got back into the swing of things after a horrendous Road Traffic Accident i was involved in. I say involved, i acctually mean i rammed the side of a car on my push bike at an estimated 40 miles an hour. How? blame the aformentioned 'basterd hill' and faulty breaks. The whole affair landed me in a hospital bed for 2 weeks and then Preston for 2 months.
In that time I broke up with my girlfriend of 3 months, Laura. And fell out with my best friend of 6 years, Matthew, for traveling to Falmoth to sleep with my recently ex'd girlfriend while he couldn't spare the time to see me when i lived all of ten minutes down the road from him.

once i got back to Uni I focused all my time and effort on my work and still failed the year. I ended up getting in a rather messy relationship with a girl named Kayleigh. She needed a reason to break up with her long term boyfriend and i was on the rebound. This rebound carried on for about 3 months in which time i had sorted things out with Dave and moved into a new house. I also ended up going to Download festival with the aformentioned Kayleigh and had a shit time because of the fact. Then, due to extreme circumstances, she ended up moving in with me by which time enough was enough and I dropped her like the French flag. It wasn't as harsh as it sounded, she had lached onto me, started throwing words around like 'love' and I had lost all attraction for her. She went crazy after that. moving out the next day, started spreading rumors about herself and blaming me, telling my friends that i hit her, stealing items of my clothing and burning them, trying to turn my friends against me, trying to guilt me into not going near any other women while having ellicit relations with other men and rubbing it in my face as offten as posible even though i couldn't give a rats ass and getting her new boyfriends to start on me. all in all it was an interesting couple of weeks!!
it was still a good summer though, i made new friends and has a couple of confidence boosting flings before the start of a new term... or an old one if you have to repeat your first year...
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Writer's Block: Secret song [Mar. 23rd, 2010|09:43 am]
[Word of the Week |sleepysleepy]

What's the most embarrassing CD or track in your music library? How often do you listen to it? Do you share it with your friends or keep it to yourself?

To be honest i have quite a wide variety of music in my collection, rainging from toxic by britney spears to cradle of filth and i really don't care what people think about it. BUT, i do have the theme tune to some kids T shows.. some aren't even cool ones; Charley chalk, inspector gadget!
I also have alot og music off games that you'd only know if you'd played them... not meny people have...

Music snobbery is a bad thing. People shouldn't  compartmentalise themselves because there is so much more music out there!
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back at uni [Apr. 28th, 2005|04:15 pm]
[Word of the Week |optimisticoptimistic]
[Monkey |crush 40]

it was a shame to say goodbye to all my family and friends, but im back at university now!

Thats right! Catching up on work, getting drunk and stoned and enjoying my self.
Being back home made me realise why i left for Wales in the first place, following the events just weeks after the accident, but I'm away from all that now and I don't have to think of it.
the tain jorney home was entertaining. A few miles away from aber while drawing I was confronted by 4 drunk chav's!! Luckly they were harmless and I ended up having a right laugh with them, drawing them all! It did wonders for the ego! lol!
I was welcomed at the train station by Drummer Dave who bought me a sandwitch, mmmmmmmmmmmm!
The rest of the week was taken up mainy my Kayleigh, one of my welsh/Northern friends, who took every opportunity to get me drunk or stoned, she's so funny! Well enough about that! Everything seems to be looking up for me now! The summer brings blue skys and new opertunities.

The band got it's first real band practice the other day, it was great, I think we can go far if we stick to it! With some inspiration from kayleigh i've started my comics again after almost a year and my head is humming with new ideas. The snails are bigger than ever and all is well. Infact my only worry at the moment is my uni work that I missed, but all my friends on the course are being really helpful so I'm sure I'll do well enough!

word of the week is 'de la nooch'!
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my birth day [Feb. 3rd, 2005|09:11 pm]
[Word of the Week |indifferentindifferent]
[Monkey |stained: been a while]

Well I had a groovy birthday!
I went home for a number of days to see my family in Preston, this involved me catching a 5am train for 5 hours. Any rash person would have got a nice early night, I, on the other hand, went to the pub for a few with my mates as they wouldn't see me for a bit. Got back at about 2am and thought "whats the point of sleep now?" So I stayed up on my pc, talking to my drunken friends back home on msn. One of them, (FIG) being particulaly wasted, wanted to have cyber sex with me, lol!

The day I hit home I jumped on another train about 3 hours l8r and went to see my one and only Laura in Manchester. she was up north to see greenday, we had so much fun together, I had missed her so much! I still do! I felt harsh as, at some points I thought we were '3rd wheeling' her friend chalie abit, she's cool though and high 5's!
It felt like I was loosing something when I left Laura to go home... and couldn't wait to find out how she was the next day, after the gig!

Sunday was a hard day! I scrapped wallpaper off my sisters room with my mum. She's ace and i got to have a good chat with her at the same time, which i miss here in Wales. I guess I am a bit of a mummy's boy AND I PITTY THE FOOL WHO AINT ONE! After the paper was off I drew a huge manga pic on the now bare walls for some one to find years later. I thought the pic was cool, it took the better part of 3 hours to do!

My birthday was on the monday and I woke up when I wanted. I went shopping with my mum and dad and had a meal with my family and my aunt ju ju (don't ask). My mum bought me the flanimals book by Ricky Gervais and a new watch that i love. I got the best of REM album off Dave and although Laura already gave me my birthday prezzy at the begining of january, and the mid january (a silver anch which i havent taken off yet), she supised me when she phoned me by telling me that she had smuggled a bday prezzy in the bag she asked me to look after for her when we met in manchester! I love her, she's so thoughtful i feel as though im not worthy of her. But i couldn't bare not to be with her! I got B-day calls off dave and claire and also went with my brother to primary care as his epiglotts began to bleed and swell!

Tuesday was very fun!
I went back to my old sixth form and saw all my old friends, got lots of huges and stuff off all of them and it made me feel all warm inside.
I got to see my oldest friend in the world Laura (not my love). Twas fuuny
she was late and I had already seen everyone else, so I sat waiting when she walked into the common room with some of her friend. She glanced at me for a second then looked away then it clicked I was there and she looked again. I smiled at her and she screamed and ran over for a huge! oh how i laughed! i spent the hole day with my freinds and at the end of the day i collected my art from the art teacher and went home.
Eddy came to see me and we hung out, played yugioh and stuff.

I went back to uni pritty early, 6am train. 5 and a half hour train journey
and then a 4 hour work shift straight after

Ahh well, I don't care. You gota do what you gota do, no?

word of the week: how rare!

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today [Jan. 1st, 2005|04:30 pm]
[Word of the Week |crazycrazy]
[Monkey |godsmack : i stand alone]

I have mostly been eating...

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llllooooooookkk! [Dec. 19th, 2004|09:18 pm]
[Word of the Week |hornyhorny]
[Monkey |i stand alone- godsmack]

Your Dominant Intelligence is Spatial Intelligence

You've got a good sense of space and how the world around you looks.
You can close your eyes and "see" images. You have innate artistic talent.
An eye for color and shapes, you're also a natural designer.
Since you think in pictures, visual aids and demonstartions help you learn best.

You would make a good navigator, sculptor, visual artist, inventor, architect, interior designer, or engineer.

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ben's do! [Dec. 18th, 2004|02:07 pm]
[Word of the Week |sleepysleepy]
[Monkey |M.S.I.- faggot]

Went to blackpool the other day for my mate ben's birthday do.
I had decided to make the 5 hour journey the day before (i just go with the flow). I met up with him at the train station and went shopping in blackpool for a bit. he bought loads of stuff with his bday money, i bought a cool pirate earring, Tis cool! We also visited this cool-ass gadget shop that had all kinds of cool shit, like RC cars with camras on them and RC flying sausers and a Mr.T voice box with 6 classic frazes like "Quit yo' back talk sucka!!" AAAAHHHH so cool!

We went back to his on the bus and then on to an italian restaraunt for a family meal that i was invited to (parents love me, never had any problems with any of my friend/past girlfriends parents) and after that on to the local rock club 'the tache'! tis a cool place.

We were the first ones in and first to the bar as well. We met up with zoe and sid and had a darn good time. Kayleigh, Nickola and that didn't show even though they said they would... Which was disapointing cus i havn't seen them in ages... oh well! Didn't stop me rocking my fuckin socks off!!!!
Poor ben was on the pull as well, he tried it on zoe, even when sid was right there! Eyeing up eveything with breasts that walked through the door LOL..
When a girl tried to dance with him and he didn't know what to do! He ended up accidentaly blanking her through sheer fear! If that wasn't bad enough he danced into her and didn't even use that as a chance to appologize, get the ball rolling, offer a compancatory drink! She got in a huff and left. He was so down I went to everyone that i had seen her talking to during the night and asked them about her for him; "you know the one wit butterfly on her back" "oh I her?" "ye". The things i do for a friend!'sigh'

I went home the next day and straight to work an hour after hitting home...

word of the week: Plish
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dream time [Dec. 14th, 2004|12:04 pm]
monday was short....
i slept therw the better part of the day and then staggerd over to claires house to get my phone back....(not what you think) i ended up staying to watch films, do her geography homeworkand talk about stuff, it's nice to know there are ppl out there I can have a talk with seen as im usually the one ppl have a winge to about stuff.
i was slighty annoyed at dave for ...reasons! i chatted to claire and she made me feel better, then dave came over and we hung out together and on our way home we had a man to..Dave chat which sorted out the problem, i feel we're closer as friends because of the talk.

my dream of that day was about ninja!
from what i remmember i was in an old theater to start with and then i was on the univercity campus(i don't remmember the trancition).
it was dark and cold i was walking around outside in my boxers as though i have been drawn out side by something, something i was now looking all around for. warey of my suroundings i walked towards the cwrt mawr bar wich was replaced by a taller building, i had a sence of childhood about me as i aproched the building. then i remmember having a flash back, i was sat in a room of victorian design. the room was liten by a fire in an old fireplaceand sat on a regal arm chair was a sort of witch doctor, not human as such but of a simular look. He was telling me something important, i can't remmember what but i remmember what i felt which was a sence of securaty and intrest much the same as being with your grandfather.

the flashback ended and i was back outside, as i walked around i was not so much afraid... more edgy. i caught something in my eye threw a window, a shimering of the wall in the room, sudenly i was attacked by a masked assailant with a sword i dodged his attackes and i remmeber feeling as if i knew him and he didn't want to hurt me but was being forced and then i ran, of cource i was followed. i ran passed a window of someone i knew and called out there name and a colour.. oringe i think and a bright light of the colour began to shine as my friend helen from my leactures walked towards me and the assailantin a japanease toga and a sword of her own. with this sight the assasin melded with the background as jumped away, she took me to the witch doctor who had his own problems! he was beening attacked by a younger verion of himself who i bizzarly remmeber being a relative of his but good!

i remmeber leaving after the situation became stable and walking towards where i was oringinaly attackedit was early in the morning now, i looked to the roof of the building i saw the shimering in and the assailant was locked in combat with a simular shadowy figure i felt as though i wanted the assailant to win!
sudenly i was attacked also by a creature of the same design as the assailants foe! glancing the sword off with my arms i unshethed my sword (this is a dream random shit like this ...happens)in defeted it but not without takeing a blow to the arm. the assailant had gone and i began to stagger back home. it was moring now, students filled the streets, none of which enquired as to my conditioni reached the building that stood in the place of the bar and as i passed it the words "it's too late" eccoed in my head i stoped and looked to my left to see the assailant stood in a heroic pose looking to the sky i lokked as well to see a flock of ninja on handgliders swooping in. "get inside he said to me his vision fixed on th approching enemy, by now the students where in panic.

i ran inside as the landed on the buildingevery corner i took i ran into one of them i tryed to escape as i climed the building to the top floor wich was like a light house (windows all the was around) there where 3 ninja, one of which was rapeing a young girl! this infuriated me as i killed them all as i was going to take my anger out on the rest downstairs a lage muscular barbairian like man entered the room aparently their leader i remmeber falling off the building ether by my own accord or by that of the brute at the top i can't remmeberbut i do remmember being at the bottom of the biulding surounded by the ninja but with the assailant by my side....

cool dream hu?
well i get them all the time

snooch to the nooch
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my dream... [Dec. 12th, 2004|12:13 pm]
[Word of the Week |awakeawake]
[Monkey |i stand alone]

this a brife scope of my brain during sleep!
i hope to do this more often but som of my dreams tend to be xxx rated!

from what i can remmemeber i was working in the frigde section of safway and in the back ground was a cinema acctually in the store! tonight they were playing the incredibles (a film i am yet to see(my vertion was ...screwed up)) suddenly i find my self working in a museum (cus ther was somethin about them in my version of the incredibles).

the dream shifted to me being in a big arabin city (with old sandston buildngs and stuff) and i was the prince of persia, there was a croud of ppl up ahead i went to go see what was going on, and some bizzarly dressed ppl had taken a girl prisner!
i didn't know why but i charge to her rescue, killing 2 of the smallar army of gards i seesed her and ran... like a fool, i next remmenber alot of jumping and running and hiding and eventually she told me that crashed here in a plane (a plane in this day and age....how rare) so.... i don't remmeber much after that...but i remember another section of the dream- you'll have to bare with me this is rarely going to be in chronological order-where i was in a small rowing boat with my old friends matt and fig in a brook nere where i livewe went one way for a bit and then the brook went in revers, we ended up in a bouting station full of mist.. i went up stairs only to find the 1'st floor of my home and when i went back down stairs shorly enough i was back home mother and all

i also remmeber something about a deralict somthing or other in the middle of a city near a river ...involving coal? it was very dirty and my and this guy i know when down some steps that we found in a broken pipe and found ourselfs in a 60's bar with the guy from the comic book store back home behind the bar!!

thats about it for now!

one thing to note- i almost always dreem of buses, dinosaurs and bridges!
don't know why....just do
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happiness [Dec. 8th, 2004|12:42 pm]
[Monkey |vermillion pt 2- slipknot]

hello people!

i'm super duper wooper happy thease last few days because my darling laura got the corage to talk to dave about us! which is great because, well it may be silly of me to say this, this erly in a relationship but sometimes you just know, I LOVE LAURA! i do and i will forever! and now i can love her in public!
Dave was a dude about it and wishes us all the best, wich is cool!
im so happy! she's so beautiful and smart and pritty and perfect andfunny and cute and contrary to her own beliefs she is a good person (except when she's beeting drunk ppl at pool...)! it took alot of corage to ask her out but it was wearth it! now i can't wait until january when i get to see her again! L_A_U_R_A I L_O_V_E Y_O_U!!!

Rocsoc was quite pookak last night cus i spent the hole of the night stood outside with one of my female friends as backup as she was talking to her crazy stalker ex boyfriend, she was talking to him and she looked like she needed some help so i came over, he looked at me then dave came over then her new boyfriend came over and he turned and ran! so funny!! i was up for a fight as well..... damn..

the snails are getting big and are eatting me out of house and home, work was boring, i made a new friend though, and i'm really missing laura... i wish she went to this uni.... then we'd never be apart!

saying of the week is "Quim"
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i owned the bastard hill [Dec. 5th, 2004|05:46 pm]
[Word of the Week |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Monkey |gone away- the offspring]

there's a hill that i must suffer to and from work in aberystwyth, i call it the bastard hill! Its a 25% gradiant hill (thats just above 45 degrees) and goses for at least 100 meters, and going down it is as much a pain as getting up the bastard!! you feel like your falling after each step or if your on a bike (as i normally am) you fell like your on the slope of 'the Pepsi Max' I hate that hill!

well today was the last straw!
i gathered my energy, ut my gears on the lowest setting got a run up and blasted it up this hill! i started to fell the burn straight away as i pushed my way up! pumping the peddles furriously with a fearsome deturmaination in my eyes i wouldent let it beat me today!! OH NO!! NOT TODAY!
as i neared the top my legs gave in and i started to loose balance wobleing and almost droping my shopping (ahhhh that last bit rhymed.... chaos theory*) but i pulled my self together and with a lot of shoting and swearing i Made IT!!!

i droped to the floor after that out of pure exastion and had to walk for a while but soon i was on my way home with a deep sence of self acomplishment!

Bastard hill... I OWNZED U!!!!!

*if you accidently say a rhyme it is equile to the chance that something in the world will explode, some it does!, ether it causes you to rhyme or you cause it to explode.... go figure!
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what a boring week..... [Dec. 4th, 2004|06:43 pm]
[Word of the Week |lovedloved]
[Monkey |darkness by disturbed]

i don't think a week has flown by this quick since 'the time machine' it was all really dull! the hole week (except monday)

tues- leactures (no rocsoc cus of a presentation that i needed to do)

wednes- WWWOORRRRRRRRKKKK!!! all friggin day!

thursday-leactures, kicked some ass at yugioh! i rock at that!! and moshed out at Arthurs gig (he rocks).

friday-leachers, presintaion, work

sat- work (8:30am) and then the pub

so i guess thursday wasent that bad!
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my weekend [Nov. 30th, 2004|02:55 pm]
[Word of the Week |boredbored]

my first entry EVER!!!! helloooooooo!

anyway.... my weekend!

wooow ups and downs like the friggin grand national!

friday night
Dave (my uni mate)'s ex came round to visit (laura). she's ace! i had my worries at first cus dave was a lil down cus of things she'd said but after talkin to her a bit on line and then actually meeting her had nothing to worry about! i got on with her perfectly! i noticed dave got a bit jealous of us gettin on so well and it got to me a bit sometimes but i wasn't going to let his moppyness stop him havin funnnnn!
first night laura was here we went to a pub called 'the bay' she had no money so i was abliged to buy her drink all night and when i niped out to t'hole in't'wall i met another laura i know from uni!
took her back to t'pub and lost to her and the other laura at pool cus me and dave where f**kin wasted and we loved it!
after kicking out time we went back to mine for cheese toasties and some light entertainment.....ok it was anime poor! don't judge me! at least i'm not fat! so ye, i got sleepy and kicked everyone out! i then had work in the mornin but theres nothing less intresting that some guy bitching about 'how shit work was today'!

saturday night
we all (me laura and dave) went to the warpsoc social! i love thoughs people, they're so funny to talk to well anyway, we got a few down us and desided we wanted to go home so we ended up at daves flat drinkin beer and watchin glorious (eddy izzard)after that and some 'get to know you' time with laura i went home and to my favorite past time sleeping. Only to be awoken with a phone call off dave saying that laura had an accident and he didn't know what to do!
i turned up to find that while trying some l8 night cooking (drunk) she'd cut herself! badly! luckly due to my mothers profetion (nurse) i knew exactally what to do, first cleen her hand, aply pressure with a cloth and elivat her arm to reduce blood flow! then we called an ambulance! she earned 10 stitches for her effort! congratulations! then i got... some sleep!

sunday night
the 4 of us (me laura dave simon) all thought it would be a good idea to go to the fair! it was closed!
insted we wonderd around for a bit had a drink in spoons and went back to mine for some filmage, we all watched princess monanoka! (f**kin great film watch it) and everyone went home not to eventfull...

i went to some leactures and i even draged laura to on of my more intresting one 'planet earth' (environmental earth science isn't the most exciting of cources)
we was bareing it for me which i found quite flattering when the leacture had finished we went back to mine for a bit, cus dave was in a leacturew and she had no wy back into his flat, and chatted abot stuff which is always fun when the person your chattin to is intresting and like simular things as you!

that night
we all went to the glen for pound night! it was funn! got wasted off a fiver, got some danceing in i even got to dance with laura! and then bak to mine for yet another anime setion-this time shadow skill- when it was over everyone left and i said good bye to laura as she was to leave for home the followin morning 'sigh' o well
funny thing is i miss her being around, for the short time she was here it seemed like she was made for this place, she just turned up and fit in perfectly. but i'm shore she'll be back to visit soon

bord, leactures, leactures, leactures, nothin to do! no one to talk to and stuff only my snails for company while i do my wrk! sigh!
dave's got shit to do and so has everyone els.....
if laura was here she'd come and talk to me cus he has nothing to do ever! darn her!
oh well! i'll hope something better happens 2morro
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